BTI Construction & Demolition Attachments

Hydraulic Compactors
Hydraulic Compactors

TC Series Vibratory Compactors for soil or material compaction in trenching, street repair and site preparation.

Hydraulic Pulverizers & Rotating Pulverizers
Rotating & Hydraulic Pulverizers

The perfect tools for secondary demolition and recycling of concrete. High grade steel with special seals keep dust and other debris from pins,
ensuring long life and low maintenance.

Hydraulic Shears
Hydraulic Shears

BTI’s SH Series of hydraulic shears provide a powerful and efficient means to cut steel beams and rebar, crush concrete, as well as pick up and sort materials. Useful in scrap yards and demolition sites, the SH Series are highproduction, low-maintenance units.

BTI Mine Runner

Milton Quarry Testimonial

Hydraulic Wheel Drive

Vibratory Pick Scaling

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