BTI Hydraulic Breaker Attachments

CX Series Hydraulic Breakers

CX Series Small Size Hydraulic Breakers

From secondary breaking in mining or quarying applications to pavement and concrete applications to breaking in demolition, BTI's small-size hydraulic breakers get your job done easily and efficiently. Our high-strength allow plate steels construction means you're getting the highest quality breaker for continuous duty in harsh environments.

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BX Series Hydraulic Breakers

BX Series Mid-Size Hydraulic Breakers

BTI’s mid-size BX Series Breakers are built to power your productivity in both concrete and rock applications. Whether your job is breaking down concrete surfaces, trenching, or preventing blockage in crushing systems, our BX Series Hydraulic Breakers are made to withstand continuous breaking in harsh environments.



BXR Series Large Hydraulic Breakers

BTI’s large-size BXR Series Hydraulic Breakers are designed for both speed and strength without compromising longevity. The rockbreaker’s blow energy is maximized in varying rock conditions by using recoil-sensing technology with operator actuated two-speed control and an oversize piston. This design boosts speed without the need for additional flow to power your productivity.

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