Sizing BXR Series Hydraulic Breakers


BTI’s BXR Series Hydraulic RockBreakers break-up concrete, aggregate, limestone, hard rock, and granite. To get the best performance from your hydraulic breaker, you need to account for three things: your carrier size, the material your breaking, and your production goals. Your carrier’s operating weight and hydraulic system capabilities determine your breaker size. Use the chart to determine the size range of the rockbreaker, based on your carrier’s weight.














If you know the working weight of the carrier you wish to mount the hammer on, you can  simply use the chart above to determine which hammer is suitable. Typically there will be two or more choices available. Looking at the chart, to the far right, you can find out the machine working weight in the “Recommended Carrier Range” column. Once you have found it, you can follow across to the left to determine hammer sizes available for your weight range. The working weight of the machine should be substantial enough to form a stable unit with the  hammer mounted, but also light enough to prevent overpowering the hammer when raking and maneuvering pieces. Once you have verified which models are comparable to your weight range, you can then check our hydraulic systems capabilities.


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